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What is the Pyralid?
The Pyralid is a revolutionary method of alternative medicine which harmonizes the five spiritual bodies of the individual, drawing inspiration from the power of the pyramid and the transformation of the chrysalis into a butterfly.


Who developed this approach?
La Pyralide is the fruit of the work of Guillaume Delahaye.


What are the five spiritual bodies involved?
They are: physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.


How does the Pyralid intervene in the healing process?
It offers tools and teachings to understand and treat imbalances between these bodies, favoring gentle and non-invasive healing.


Does Pyralid replace conventional medicine?
No, it acts as a complement to traditional medical treatments, promoting the overall well-being of the individual.


What are the primary objectives of the Pyralid?
Its goal is to support people towards profound transformation, total fulfillment and an intimate connection with themselves and the universe.


How does the Pyralide conceive the notion of health?
It considers health as an interconnected whole between the different spiritual bodies, while emphasizing autonomy and individual responsibility.


What do we mean by “sacred geometry” in relation to the Pyralid?
It is an allusion to patterns and shapes of spiritual or symbolic importance, reinforcing the healing and transformative power of the method.


What role do the pyramid and the butterfly play in this approach?
The pyramid evokes strength while the metamorphosis of the chrysalis into a butterfly illustrates the potential for change. Together they guide the vision and direction of the Pyralid.


Is it necessary to call on a professional to practice the Pyralide?
La Pyralide offers tools and teaching, which suggests guidance or training, La Pyralide associates therapists with recognized experience and diplomas.


Is there an association or group of therapists specialized in the Pyralid?
Yes, an association made up of experts and therapists centered around the Pyralid has been created. Its vocation is to support the patient in a holistic manner, helping to understand healing in all its complexity and to go through the different stages of the therapeutic process promoted by the Pyralid.

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