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Guillaume Delahaye - Visionary and therapist

Guillaume Delahaye has changed his path from a traditional entrepreneur to turn to others and become a therapist specializing in the field of well-being and emotional health.

He has developed his own therapeutic approach called "La Pyralide", based on the alignment and evolution of spiritual bodies.

All of his specialties have enabled many patients to overcome their emotional, mental and behavioral difficulties. Mental health being closely linked to physical health, Guillaume Delahaye was also interested in alternative medicine and holistic approaches.

He uses natural and non-invasive methods to help his patients reach their full health potential. He encourages the adoption of practices that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

He highlights the importance of the prevention of stress-related diseases, burnout, depression, autoimmune diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis and emotional support during degenerative diseases such as cancer.


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