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Understanding and harmonizing our inner temple

"The Physical Body - Understanding and Harmonizing our Inner Temple", highlights the fundamental importance of the physical body in the overall well-being of the individual.

Guillaume Delahaye uses the analogy of building a house to illustrate the need to first strengthen the physical body before exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

By strengthening our inner temple, we establish a solid foundation for our personal and spiritual growth.

The central concept of this text is the "Pyralid", which represents the five spiritual bodies: physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Guillaume Delahaye highlights the deep interconnection between the physical body and emotions, explaining that many illnesses have their origins in repressed emotions.

To remedy these imbalances, several therapeutic approaches are suggested.

The Pyralide is an innovative method in the field of alternative medicine, imagined and developed by Guillaume Delahaye. Inspired by the evocative power of the pyramid and by the metamorphic process of the chrysalis transforming into a butterfly, this approach's mission is to harmonize the five spiritual bodies of the individual, namely: the physical, the biochemical, the emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Thanks to the Pyralid, health is perceived as an interconnected whole. Tools and teachings are provided to rectify any imbalances between these bodies. While favoring a gentle and non-invasive healing approach, the Pyralide complements conventional medical treatments. It promotes the autonomy and responsibility of each person in the quest for absolute well-being.



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