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How the Pyralide works - A global approach

By focusing on all of these bodies, the Pyralide offers a global approach to health, highlighting the interconnection between our spiritual bodies. By promoting balance in the body, soul and spirit, it provides tools and teachings to understand and restore the imbalances that can arise.

1 - Spiritual Dimension: At the top of the Pyralide is the spiritual dimension, which represents our connection to a larger and deeper reality. This dimension emphasizes our search for meaning, our relationship with the divine or the sacred, and our spiritual fulfillment.

2 - Energetic Dimension: Just below is the energetic dimension, which recognizes the existence of specific energy flows in our body. According to the Pyralide, the harmonization of these energy flows is essential for our physical and emotional well-being.

3 - Emotional Dimension: Explore your emotions with benevolence with the Pyralide to release your restrictive thoughts and find personal fulfillment. This dimension is crucial because our emotions influence our health and balance. The Pyralide offers techniques for emotional release, stress management and questioning your limiting beliefs such as kinesiology, quantum medicine and hypnosis. Emancipate yourself emotionally in order to maintain a healthy emotional balance and prevent all forms of illness.

4 - Biochemical Dimension: This dimension focuses on knowledge of functional medicine, taking a holistic approach to identifying the root causes of metabolic, hormonal or nutritional imbalances, and offering personalized protocols aimed at correcting them. The associated techniques, such as epigenetics, work on stem cells, quantum medicine, nutritional coaching, help restore the biochemical harmony of the body. By integrating these innovative approaches, we find an optimal balance, promoting vitality and overall well-being.

5 - Physical Dimension: At the base of the Pyralide is the physical dimension, representing our material body. Taking care of our body is essential for our overall well-being. The Pyralide emphasizes the importance of listening to our body's signals, as it expresses information through our bodily pains. Understanding the reasons for these manifestations allows a complete an harmonious correction of our physical condition. Associated techniques, such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, visceral massages and adapted physical activities, are recommended to preserve our physical health, stimulate our vitality and maintain an optimal balance.


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