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The Pyralide's community and workshops

The Pyralide program can allow the organization of workshops and conventions in various fields, here are some examples.

Supervision of young people in their E-sport activities

  • Structured programs to manage time and balance online and offline activities.

  • Importance of the practice of sports and physical activities for physical health and performance.

  • Awareness of the importance of a healthy relationship with the digital world.

  • Training for the management of emotional well-being in the face of the challenges of the virtual world and to encourage an ecology geared towards excellence and balanced performance.

Anticipation of cryptocurrency advances by 2030

  • Development of educational programs on cryptocurrencies and emerging financial technologies.

  • Awareness of the opportunities and challenges of these advances for residents and their economic life.

  • Encouragement of innovation in the field of secure transactions, decentralized finance and sustainable economic systems based on cryptocurrencies.

Education and personal development

  • Implementation of educational programs focused on personal development, future skills, creativity and critical thinking.

  • Foster lifelong learning to enable residents to adapt to the rapidly changing modern world.

Art, culture and artistic expression

  • Promotion of art, music, dance and creativity as a means of expression and community connection.

  • Organization of cultural and artistic events to enrich the cultural life of the community.



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