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Touristic segmentation for your hotel or spa

Our holistic Pyralid program is designed to bring together several different types of tourism, thus offering a versatile and complete experience for its customers.

Traditional hotel:

Target segment: Visitors to the region, travelers in transit and holidaymakers visiting amusement parks (karting, golf courses, etc.).

Accommodation offer: Optimization of your accommodation offer to meet customer needs.

Marketing strategy: Promote the hotel's proximity to nearby attractions, offer all-inclusive packages in collaboration with amusement parks to attract families, groups and travelers looking for fun.

Partnerships: Establish partnerships with travel agencies, tour operators and tourist offices to increase the visibility of your hotel or spa.

Traditional and alternative health tourism:

Target segment: Health tourists seeking traditional and alternative treatments in the hotel spa.

Accommodation offer: Optimization of your accommodation offer available for clients seeking wellness and medicine treatments.

Marketing strategy: Highlight the services of the Pyralide spa to create a unique offer, promote the benefits of the treatments offered, target travelers seeking physical or emotional health, rejuvenation and personal development.

Collaboration with alternative health practitioners and experts, wellness centers and specialized clinics to expand the care offer.

Use the big names in this existing but unstructured market for their positioning in the Pyralide and take advantage of their arrival at the hotel to create events there, making it possible to optimize the many rooms available within the establishment.

Importance of an innovative living space focused on health and well-being:

  • Holistic approach to health, considering body, mind and soul.

  • Wellness practices offered: yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, etc.

  • Green spaces and ecological gardens in permaculture to reduce stress and promote relaxation in connection with nature.

  • Healthy, local and organic food to encourage nutritious choices and promote environmentally friendly food production.

Importance of alternative medicine:

  • Non-invasive approaches to maintaining health.

  • Consideration of the whole individual to identify and treat the root causes of health problems.

  • Alternative medicine: kinesiology, quantum medicine, osteopathy, hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, etc.



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