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Hotels and spas - Join our growing community using the Pyralide program

The Pyralide holistic program is designed to bring together several different types of tourism, thus offering a versatile and complete experience for its customers.

Importance of an innovative living space focused on health and well-being:


Holistic approach to health, considering body, mind and soul. Wellness practices offered: yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, etc.


Green spaces and ecological gardens in permaculture to reduce stress and promote relaxation in connection with nature. Healthy, local and organic food to encourage nutritious choices and promote environmentally friendly food production.

Spa Piscine
Fontaine du spa


The Pyralide programc an be easily integrated within your hotel or spa. We will offer all the services and products needed.

We can also provide you with a qualified team or therapists or offer a complete training program to your existing staff so they can understand the spiritual, energetic, emotional, biochemical, and physical dimensions of the human being.


Thanks to a qualified medical and therapeutic team, the Pyralide offers personalized and comprehensive care, combining conventional treatments and alternative medicine.


Your hotel or spa will then position itself as a space of healing and transformation, where patients can find support, understanding and solutions adapted to their overall well-being.

You will also benefit from our growing Pyalide community that will add a great value to your project and will allow you to attract more clients and gain visibility.


As a health professional - wether you are specialized in traditional or alternative medicine, benefit from our complete Pyralide health program, offer a 360 degree treatment protocole to your patients, and join the Pyralide community who shares the same values in terms of overall health and well-being.


Spa owners, hotels groups and health institutions can benefit from our Pyralide holistic expertise and experience in order to offer a 360 degree health therapy to their patients and clients, increase sales and visibility and share their success with our constantly growing Pyralide holistic community.

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